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Vitamin E Seleen Pro Inj

Vitamin E Seleen Pro Inj

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Cascade Licence number for this product is AR18/50/20/WS

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100 mg Vitamin E Acetate

1 mg Sodium Selenite

Target animal species

Calf, Lambs, Pigs and piglets

Indications for use with specification of the target animal species

Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency

Essential elements for a normal health and growth. Deficiencies are observed mainly in sows and newborn piglets. Problems after parturition in sows, agalactia, infertility, as well as paralysis, dermatological and muscular problems in piglets may be associated with deficiencies in Selenium and Vitamin E.


Muscular dystrophy in piglets, calves and lambs. Mulberry’s heart disease in pigs. Weakness in newborn piglets. Deficiency in Vitamin E and Selenium.

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Vitamin E Seleen


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